Expert urge to use AI solutions for enhanced productivity

Artificial Intelligence

Experts urged industry and academia to adopt modern and latest tool of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and solutions to enhance research, development and productivity in every field including business and academics.

Speaking at the seminar “Emerging Trends in Social Science Studies” organized by University of Karachi, An AI expert Adnan Zaidi said the field of artificial intelligence will continue to explore new domains to assist human efforts in achieving productivity with maximum accuracy and efficiency in a short span of time, hence utilizing it will give a competitive edge to its users on a long-term basis whether it is industry or media.

For instance, he said, an AI tool could read hundreds of newspapers and inform its users about the category of news in few seconds which a researcher does in a few years.

He mentioned that AI tools and solutions are replacing human workforce is different areas even industries, hence the role of human talent will shift to creative tasks like critical thinking, strategic planning and decision making.

The AI is the evolving field having achieved its 30% potential by now, its strength will be explored up to 70% by global renowned companies till 2030, Dr Adnan Zaidi, CEO Proxima AI.

Another AI expert Dr Umair Arif said AI will replace various jobs and trades inevitably in future but at the same time it will provide opportunities for human beings to switch their roles by acquiring more productive and facilitative roles.

There are number of professions are likely to be irrelevant, but a number of new ones will emerge in the next few years. People should not afraid of AI but they should learn to use it effectively, he remarked.

He mentioned that Pakistani industries are slowly adopting AI solutions but a majority of these are reluctant to acquire this new technology in their businesses because of investment in technology.

The utilization of technology will give a competitive edge to a company over its competitors worldwide, said Dr Umair Arif, AI consultant at Hexalyze.

On the occasion, Dr Fauzia Naz while chairing a session on AI integration in the media said the AI poses a great challenge to academics when it comes to assessment of research and learning, as students and scholars are easily using AI tools like ChatGPT for completing their assignments.

We are now transforming our way of assessment through focusing on analytical and learning strength of students through skills of viva, presentation, discussion and communications, she added.

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