Famous playback singer Mehak Ali’s released new song “Chori”

Mehak Ali’s

Famous playback singer Mehak Ali’s new song “Chori” has been released all over the world including Pakistan. This song is directed by Sami Khan and composed by Bilal Wajid.

Singer Mehak Ali has performed many video songs before which have been well received by music fans all over the world including Pakistan. Mehek Ali, the singer, says that like the previous video songs, this video will also fulfill the expectations of my fans. I regularly do Riyad to improve my music and my voice. Thanks to Allah Almighty, He has given me a lot of respect in the world of music. I am welcomed these days by performing in various concerts and TV shows as well as participating in various TV and film projects as a playback singer. In today’s era, music lovers prefer live performances. Let me perform live singing in front of my fans.

She said that in the era of social media, artists get public response very quickly. A large number of my fans are uploading video clips of me performing on my songs in different ways, which people are enjoying. Remember that I am awakening the magic of my voice in the OST songs made for V-dramas. Singer Mehak Ali has been featured on the Times Square billboard as the ambassador for audio streaming service Spotify’s ‘Equal Pakistan’. The campaign by the world’s most popular streaming service aims to empower women creators. To encourage them by giving them a platform to share their work with the world.

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