onic Lights Up Times Square’ in Support of Pakistan for T20 World Cup 2024

Times Square

onic, Pakistan’s leading digital telco brand, proudly announced its unwavering support for the Pakistani cricket team in their highly anticipated T20 World Cup 2024 match against India. In a bold and symbolic gesture, onic showcased a powerful montage at One Times Square, New York, to rally behind the team.

Last year, our resilient Pakistani team stood alone in a sea of blue, with Indian supporters vastly outnumbering ours. This year, onic is determined to change that narrative by lighting up One Times Square with our message of solidarity and pride, demonstrating that our team is never alone, regardless of the match’s outcome.

“This initiative highlights our commitment to standing by the Pakistani cricket team through every high and low,” said Omer Bin Tariq– General Manager, onic. “By illuminating one of the world’s most iconic landmarks, we aim to send a powerful message of unity and support that transcends borders.”

The montage, premiered on June 8, 2024, a day before the match, features a visually stunning display celebrating the Pakistani spirit, symbolizing unity and strength. Displaying this montage in the heart of New York City, where cultures converge, symbolizes our collective strength and national pride.

onic’s support extends beyond the realm of sports, aiming to foster a narrative of national pride and community spirit. This event is designed not just as a display of support but as a testament to the enduring bond between the team and its supporters.

We invite all cricket enthusiasts to join this celebration no matter where they are. Together, let’s create a wave of green that echoes around the world, showcasing our unyielding support for the Pakistani cricket team. Share your support with the hashtag #SarUthaHaraa.

For more information, follow onic on social media or visit our website at www.onic.pk.

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