Protein Day 2024: ‘Right To Protein’ announces ‘Solve With Protein’ as the theme for the year

Right To Protein

‘Right To Protein,’ a dedicated awareness initiative powered by the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC), unveils “Solve With Protein” as the theme for Protein Day 2024, to be celebrated on 27 February, marking its fifth year. The initiative calls on individuals, businesses, and industry leaders to unite in addressing the surging demand for protein-rich foods, delivering protein solutions that are accessible to citizens across Pakistan and the larger South Asia region.

The lack of understanding about protein as an essential macronutrient leads to inadequate levels of protein consumption. The Protein Day 2024 theme of “Solve With Protein” urges brands, thought leaders, community and health influencers, media, and citizens to amplify the message on protein’s pivotal role in fostering a healthier and more resilient population. It also aims to drive conversations and highlight solutions for citizens to stay informed of accessible protein food sources that can be included in daily diets and further the efforts to make ‘nutrition security’ a reality.

“While past governments have made some progress with several initiatives, we must collectively strive to increase awareness about nutrition and food security by incorporating adequate levels of protein into our daily diets. Recognizing protein as a fundamental macronutrient offers a pathway to address various health challenges, foster resilience, and contribute to the overall well-being of Pakistan. The #SolveWithProtein theme aims to unite professionals like doctors, nutritionists, health and fitness influencers, and others, fostering awareness about protein as a pivotal solution for improved health,” said Fareeha Talha, CEO, Fartal Pharmaceuticals, Vice President of the World Poultry Science Association, Nominee for HungerCon 2023

“At U.S. Soy, we are committed to meeting the ever-growing demand for nutrition worldwide. We remain at the forefront of efforts to advance the prosperity of communities and individuals while delivering high-quality, consistent, and reliable products and ingredients. By offering innovative solutions to the multifaceted challenges of businesses and consumers alike, we aim to streamline the supply chain for maximum efficiency. As the driving force behind the ‘Right To Protein’ initiative, we proudly endorse this year’s theme of #SolveWithProtein. It is a powerful call to action for not just industry stakeholders but for us as individuals to unite in fostering a healthier, protein-conscious society throughout South Asia and beyond,” said Deeba Giannoulis, Regional Head of U.S. Soy Marketing & Sustainability – South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa (SAASSA), U.S. Soybean Export Council

Right To Protein is all set to celebrate Protein Day 2024 on February 27 with supporters such as nutritionists, food industry experts, chefs, food brands, and like-minded citizens to come together to increase protein awareness and consumption in every meal.

Right To Protein urges everyone to join in on February 27, 2024, in celebrating Protein Day and encourages all to challenge nutritional gaps in our everyday lives with awareness and aim to “Solve With Protein.”

For more information on Protein Day and how one can get involved, please visit here.

About Right To Protein: ‘Right To Protein’ is an awareness campaign to educate people about the importance of adequate protein consumption for better nutrition, health, and well-being. The campaign aspires to build public knowledge of different types of protein sources, to meet larger nutritional security goals. Right To Protein is supported by several like-minded organizations, institutions, academicians, professionals, and individuals. The campaign is exclusively driven by the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC). As a protein awareness campaign, ‘Right To Protein’ emphasizes the role of protein in supporting good health, reducing malnutrition, and promoting sustainable development Right To Protein campaign also aims to encourage governments, businesses, and other organizations to prioritize protein production, distribution, and consumption in their policies and practices. This can include promoting sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry practices, supporting research and development in the field of protein science, and ensuring that people have access to a variety of affordable and nutritious protein sources. The campaign also raises awareness about the global burden of protein deficiency, a significant public health concern, particularly in developing nations. By promoting the Right to Protein, the goal is to improve nutrition security to improve health outcomes, reduce poverty and hunger, and support sustainable development.

The initiative is open for those who would like to join and/or contribute to any capacity, including providing knowledge, technical support, or promotion partners. If you share our vision, reach out to us via our social channels to know how you can help.

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