Spotify launches ‘Your K-Pop Persona’ to celebrate the K-Pop fandom

Spotify K-Pop

K-Pop has undeniably become a cultural phenomenon worldwide, captivating audiences with its diverse sounds, mesmerizing performances, and magnetic personalities. In Pakistan and across Southeast Asia, the love for K-Pop has surged dramatically in recent years. Since 2014, K-hip-hop streams on Spotify have skyrocketed by 95 times globally, and since 2018, K-Pop streams have soared by over 420% in Southeast Asia, reflecting the genre’s growing influence and popularity in the region and beyond.

Spotify is adding its personalized touch to the K-Pop craze by launching “Your K-Pop Persona“. This innovative interactive experience is designed to celebrate the vibrant and passionate K-Pop community not just in Pakistan but all over the world, allowing fans to discover and embrace their ideal fan role within the genre.

Your K-Pop Persona” invites fans to explore their connection to K-Pop uniquely and engagingly. By answering five questions about their stan habits, participants will receive their “Main Role” in the K-Pop fandom, such as Main Visual, Main Vocal, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, or Trainee. Whether a seasoned stan or a newcomer to the K-Pop scene, all fans are encouraged to join in the fun and discover their persona.

Spotify K-Pop

There is more to it than just unlocking their Main Role as Spotify users can also reveal an additional Fan Role based on their K-Pop listening habits. This personalized experience celebrates each individual’s unique fandom journey, offering a digital photo-card that can be customized and shared on social media platforms.

To make the experience even more exciting, Spotify has collaborated with some of the hottest names in K-Pop to release “Your K-Pop Persona.” Fans can compare their results and hear from K-Pop icons like Cha Eun-WooTOMORROW X TOGETHERSEVENTEENBOYNEXTDOOR, and THE BOYZ on the K-Pop ON! Spotify YouTube channel.

“We are thrilled to bring ‘Your K-Pop Persona’ to Pakistani fans and celebrate their love for K-Pop in a creative and interactive way,” said Mark Abou Jaoude, Head of Music MENA & South Asia (excl. India) at Spotify. “This experience not only highlights the diversity and talent within the genre but also underscores the power of music to unite fans from all walks of life.”

“Your K-Pop Persona” will be available until May 10th, 2024, offering fans time to participate and share their results with friends and fellow K-Pop enthusiasts. For more information and to unlock your K-Pop Persona, visit on your mobile device.

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