The National Foodpreneur Program Launches Officially Marking a Culinary Milestone

The National Foodpreneur

The National Foodpreneur Program is a collaboration between National Foods Ltd and MasterClass Pakistan, designed to empower individuals passionate about culinary arts to excel in the food industry.

The National Foodpreneur Program was officially launched in Karachi, Pakistan. The event, held at the MasterClass facility, brought together the talented students, the project team, and the esteemed leadership of National Foods. This convergence of culinary passion and industry expertise marked the beginning of a transformative program designed to empower aspiring chefs. The launch event saw the vibrant gathering of the first cohort of 21 students, each with a shared passion for the culinary arts, creating an atmosphere charged with excitement and anticipation.

The National Foodpreneur Program aims to empower individuals to become successful entrepreneurs in the food industry or secure employment in the culinary field by providing a well-rounded education, training, and certification. On the occasion, Zahid Majeed the Chairman of National Foods Limited said “Empowering dreams is at the heart of our mission. The National Foodpreneur Program is not just about culinary education; it’s about giving individuals the tools to turn their passion into a life-changing experience.”

As the program progresses, participants will undergo a comprehensive 6-month culinary curriculum, optional internships, and training in food preparation, marketing, health and safety, and finance. The launch event sets the tone for a journey that promises to shape the future of these culinary enthusiasts. The National Foodpreneur Program will continue with classes commencing in February 2024 after its successful launch event.

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